Air Wars 3

Air Wars 3 game is one of the best air combat games that you can play right in your browser. Fly and fight to improve your skills and unlock new types of jets and weapons. A large number of online players, excellent graphics quality, high performance, excellent gameplay are all about Air Wars 3.

Air Wars 3
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How to play

Before you start playing Air Wars 3, be sure to register to save your progress. Choose a room and join the fight or create your own custom game. Start improving your combat qualities by destroying opponents and capturing their base. As you gain experience, cool fighters and powerful missiles will become available to you.


The control is as simple as possible, which is quite unusual for flight games, so you can quickly master the skills of controlling a fighter aircraft. Use the mouse and some buttons on the keyboard.
Left-click - shoot
W - Boost
AD - Turn
S - slow down
Right-click - view