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About game

In Arx Arcana io game exciting confrontation between mages, knights, archers and daggers goes by Battle Royale rules. The game surprise you with huge variety of characters. Unique set of skills will give you opportunity to show your sharpness in new Dungeon Battle Royale game.

Arx Arcana io

How to play

Arx Arcana io battle lasts until last surviving fighter on shrinking arena. So, your goal is to be the one. The higher your score at the end, the greater your reward (keys). Collect keys to open chests with new skins, skills and upgrades.
Over time, you will discover more and more new features and tricks that will help you survive as long as possible and get more improvements. Due to the large variety of elements, this game is very exciting.
Another interesting fact is that all characters are almost equal in strength. Based on this, outcome of battle is mainly up to you.


1. WASD - move.
2. LMB or space to attack.
3. RMB or Shift - speed up.
4. 1, 2.. buttons or click on icon to use skill.
5. R - build wall.