Basket Bros io

About game

Basket Bros io game is a great opportunity to play basketball for two online or together on the same PC with the one next to you. For online competitions, you can create your own game to invite a friend or just fight with a random opponent. You can also practice playing against the computer - play vs CPU. And, what is more, game offers to participate in online challenges. In general, there is everything you need for a real basketball fan. Enjoy The Game!

Basket Bros io

Basket Bros io game

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How to play

The rules are like in a real game. We play basketball 1 on 1. We make two and three point-shots. We block the opponent and make rebounds.
It is also possible to choose a baller. Look for the one whose characteristics you like best.
Basket Bros is the next cool game from Shell Shockers developers.


WAD or arrows to move and jump
Enter or space to throw and block the opponent
G, L - if playing for two
Double-clicking the Up is a throw-in jump.