Blade io

Blade io game is another name for new swords battle. In the game Battle Royale rules are applied, so playing field will gradually decrease and last survivor wins. Plus, you'll be surprised by cool system of rewards and character leveling.
Blade io game also has the name Sword io, but in fact, it is the same game, just located on different servers. The Blade version is presented on gamedistribution, and the Sword version is on crazygames. You can choose any of the proposed versions and find just a slight difference in gaming rewards.

Blade io

Blade io game

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How to play

Move around and collect swords to strengthen your protective ring.
Do not run into obstacles and do not come close to black hole so as not to lose collected weapon.
In battle with strong opponent go into defense mode.
Earn rewards to improve your skills and unlock new cool skins.


To move press LMB and specify direction with cursor.
Release button to stop and go to the defense.
Use boosters - shining star for temporary attack boost and rocket to speed up.