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About game

Car Fight io game is merciless battle of cars in drift mode. Battle is going on small but very slippery arena. Your task in the game is to ram all who will be on your way to inflict as much damage. It is necessary to ram in poorly protected places - rear or sides. At the same time you should avoid collisions that damage you. It's necessary to maneuver so as not to become easy target. The strongest part is front bumper of the car. Ram them all with no mercy!.

Car Fight io

How to play

It will take some time to get used to control in Car Fight io game. But after you feel dynamics of movement, it will become much more interesting to play.
To inflict real damage you need to accelerate properly. But at high speed you have big problems with control. The fact is that track is very slippery, so not everyone can cope with such driving.
You will receive a reward for each destroyed or damaged vehicle. The more opponents you destroy the bigger and stronger your car becomes.
For each game you will receive a cash reward that depends on your achievements.
Money is needed to unlock new tracks.


Car moves behind cursor, but only if you use acceleration.
Press left mouse button to accelerate.
Fuel reserve recovers very quickly.