Chompers io

Chompers io game is cool continuation of the popular series of fight io games. The game is a peculiar evolution of new minigiants io battle. The principle of gameplay remains the same simple and exciting, but the graphics have undergone significant changes. Now we have a huge selection of multi-colored very funny characters for every taste. In addition, each player can customize his fighter giving him a very funny look.

Chompers io

Chompers io game

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How to play

Move around the colorful playing field eating cookies, sweets and other delicacies. The more you eat, the higher you evolve. For the destruction of rivals and insects you get extra points. Your task in the Chompers io game is to stay in battle as long as possible to grow to a huge size and, of course, earn as many prize coins and rubies as possible. The resulting wealth can be spent on upgrading your hero. In the process of evolution, new skins are revealed to you and your hero not only increases in size, but also changes his appearance. Therefore, this game looks very fun and exciting.


Your formidable fighter follows the cursor.
Left click - strike the enemy or smash insect.
Right click - acceleration.