Craft Nite io

Craft Nite io game is an online multiplayer first-person shooter with outstanding blocky graphics. The main weapon in the game is a long-range sniper rifle. Fight by the rules of endless deathmatch without time limits. Discover the vast territory of the island to prepare for Battle Royale mode. Try to survive on this huge island built of millions of blocks.
Use crafting skills to build an impregnable fortification or create stairs. You can also destroy anything with explosives. Use a pickaxe to extract wood from trees. Get an extra drop as a reward for headshots.

Craft Nite io

Craft Nite io game

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How to play

The battle area in the Craft Nite io game is very large but can be clearly seen in the sniper scope. Therefore, move very carefully so as not to become the prey of an enemy waiting in ambush. In addition, there are several levels that make it possible to move covertly. You can go down into the dungeons and roam the caves or climb the stairs to heaven. Come up with your cunning tactics to win and get the most fun mocking your rivals.


WASD - move
Left-click - shoot
Right-click - aim
Spacebar - jump
Switch items 1 - 5