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About game

Crashy io fight io car game like Fightz io but you need to drive a toy car. In the game you need to collect coins and ram other players. Watch for the fact that opponents will not hit you from the side and from behind.
Go around obstacles in the form of bricks. Use this to hide from a strong competitor. Note that the cars are controlled as if you are driving on ice. As the level increases, your vehicle becomes stronger. The number of points is visible on the right of the screen.

Crashy io

How to play

In the game Crashy io almost everything is clear right away, but here some tips for quick start.
1. The front of the car is strong and almost not vulnerable. The front bumper is your weapon.
2. Do not put the side and especially the rear bumper under the blows of rivals.
3. Points in the game are earned when collecting coins.
4. Replenishment of health and nitro as when collecting coins.
5. The machine in moves behind the mouse with the component of the car dynamics - there is a small skid. Acceleration - use click (LMC). Use the left mouse button to accelerate, but while watching the yellow bar of the stock "nitro accelerator." To replenish the fuel, you can collect a few coins very quickly. That's all! Brilliantly! Enjoy all the Fight io games!