CrazyBattle fun game will surprise you with an outstanding war mode. The type of confrontation in this crazy battle is not typical for most 2D shooters. Use the usual set of options, but fight throughout the round to score the highest rating. That is, your goal is not just to remain the last alive, your task is to destroy more opponents and not die. But even if you lose, it does not mean that you lost the battle. Because you still have a chance to win the round. Hurry back to the battlefield to take revenge on the offender.


CrazyBattle game

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How to play

Fight over the whole 15 minutes round to get max points. To do this, land in the war zone and arm yourself to the maximum. Stock up on ammo and first aid kits. Look for extra armor and collect some resources for building defensive walls.


WASD – move
E – open, pick up
Q – drop
Left mouse btn – attack, get resources
Right mouse btn – build
Shift – run
Space – fast landing