Play Crazy Nite io game

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About game

The game game is greate mix of popular for 2D io shooting games features. Developers have tried to realize in Crazy Nite io game a huge number of gaming opportunities. Please note that this game has 10 levels for the character, large map, a huge selection of weapons, exploding barrels, ability to build fortifications, and more. All this will make you work hard to master all the subtleties of the gameplay.

How to play

Perhaps this variety will lead you to some confusion. This feature may not appeal to fans of simple games. Therefore, you need to try your hand on battlefield and draw conclusions. This is the only way you can determine whether this game is for you or not. So far, in some moments there are obvious problems. But given game novelty, we can confidently talk about future upgrades and improvements. You can join this process in Discord to personally take part in the discussion and contribute to development of this great game.


1. WASD - move.
2. E - pick up.
3. Shift - speed up.
4. LMB - shoot.
5. RMB - build wall.
6. Click or 1,2,3... - change item
7. Drag to drop.

Alternative names : Crazynite io, Crazy nite io