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About game

Crowd City 3 zombie mode is an online game in popular style of gathering crowd in city, but with Battle Royale component. In Zombs version of Crowd City io game your team is various types of zombies. Plus we have new gameplay where fight goes until the last player without time limit. Moreover, in this game you can unlock new and upgrade all types of your fighters and save achieved results.

Crowd City 3 zombie

How to play

The game Crowd City 3 zombs battle has some difference from previous versions:
1. In this game, you can progress - unlock new types of warriors and upgrade their combat characteristics.
2. The winner is determined very peculiar. In case of your victory, the round ends for you as soon as all the participants are destroyed. As a reward you get prize brains that can be used to enhance warriors. After that, you can start all over again.


In order to start movement you need to press and hold the left mouse button. In the future, simply indicate direction by cursor.