DuckPark io

About game

DuckPark io is a fun duck's competition in aqua park racing. The task is to slide along the gutter faster than anyone else to get to the finish line first. In addition to the traditional descent from the water slide, ducks can fly a bit. This trick can be used to make a significant leap forward. But be careful not to fall to the floor, because in this case you will be eliminated from the competition.

DuckPark io

DuckPark io game

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How to play

In DuckPark io racing you can use speed boosters - green arrows. Also, you will find wing boosters to fly better. Avoid blocks slowing down your movement. Pay special attention to the fountains that throw the duckling off the track. The main thing is to use this option to shorten the path at the right time. Earn coins to buy new cool skins. Get experience points to unlock new tracks. Have fun!


Use mouse to adjust movement