Dynast io

Dynast io game is one of the coolest 2D survival game with perfect gameplay and huge online. In the game dynast.io everything is thought out to the smallest detail including crafting and building system. In addition, very beautiful graphics with excellent detail and pleasant colors create a cozy gaming environment.
Large selection of servers around the world and high online just confirm excellent quality of this game. Game is regularly updated and improved to further satisfy you.

Dynast io

Dynast io game

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How to play

At the beginning of your evolution in Dynast io game you only have a minimum survival kit. All items you have to create with your own hands. Process of crafting is perfectly described in menu. Here you can see list and necessary amount of materials to create or upgrade whatever. Very convenient and clear crafting system will not cause any difficulties even for a beginner.
Mine resources to create and improve mining tools, weapons, armor and fortifications. Fight enemies and team up with friends for a fun game. Enjoy this excellent multiplayer survival game!
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WASD to move.
Click to attack.
C - craft
E - pick up
B - build
I - inventory
Alternatively you can click on any icon to activate