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About game

Era7 io is a very high quality online card game with a huge play-to-earn ecosystem. In game world you'll find farming, mining, staking, trading and, of course, the most beautiful game itself. Gameplay resembles the famous clash royale, but with play-to-earn feature.

You can start Era7 io game without investments and as you increase the level and skills, you will start earning. Of course, players with starting capital have a gaming advantage, but it is possible to achieve results for free.

Era7 io

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How to play Era 7

To start your evolution in Era7 io, first have a few fights to raise your level to 15. After that, all available cards will open to you. Build your game deck according to your play style and strategy. A beginner can earn some money in expeditions and in ranked matches. Having gone on an expedition, you play against bots and the more you go, the greater rewards becomes. In ranked matches, you fight against real opponents, and the winner gets reward.

If there is a desire to start more intensively, then it is better to purchase at least an inexpensive chest or character.
In general, this is only introductory information, which is about one percent of what can be said about this game.