Ev io

Ev io game is an excellent first-person shooter with charming graphics in a futuristic style. Fight in a fantasy space base and get NFT rewards in Ev.io. The main advantages are that the developers are constantly making a lot of efforts to make the game most comfortable and attractive.
Simplified but very bright graphics allow the game to be as fast and reliable as possible. All components are located on a remote server, so you don't need to download or install anything. Just open the game in your browser and you are ready to start the battle. Fight and earn to get highest fun! To use all the options you need to register.

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In addition to usual shooting game options, the Ev io game provides a cool modern function - play to earn. This means that you can receive an NFT reward in this fansy battle. The way of geting reward depends on the selected game mode. All polar modes are available. Choose solo or team deathmatch, or battle royale mode.


Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Crouch - C
Run - Shift
Shoot - Left-click
Zoom - Right-click
Reload - R
and more control options that you can castomise.