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About game

Farm Clash3D io game is an exciting online first-person shooter with a short two-minute deathmatch on a small farm. Fight in team to win round and get star experience. The higher your activity on the battlefield, the more stars you get. Spend it on one of three improvements to become stronger. You can increase health of your character and improve weapons mastery.

Farm Clash3D io

How to play

Two types of weapons are available in Clash3D game. You start battle with standard shotgun. Also, you can get AK which is hidden in the attic of main building.

To become most powerful cowboy on Farm in Clash3D io game you have to get machine gun and take a position closer to the first-aid kit that is able to restore about 90% of health. It respawn approximately every 30 seconds. Look for first-aid kit behind the closed door in corner building.
Watch out and quickly respond to any approaching danger. Enemies in the game are marked with red pointers above their heads. So it is not difficult to quickly find and immediately destroy target.

Alternative names : Farm Clash 3D, FarmClash3D