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About game

Of course in game you have to fight. First of all, you will have to do it with the same rivals as you. Around there are many animals among which you are waiting for aggressive and dangerous animals. The set of prey depends on the place of hunting.

How to play

The map is divided into zones that are marked with different colors of the game card. But the most dangerous are other players. Extraction can be weak and harmless, such as a rabbit or aggressive. The idea of Fights io game is simple and close to genius.

Fight io game

The development of character is fast and exciting. Battle with real players the basic law of Fights io category. Without this rule, the game will not be IO. Because the main circumstance for the existence of such games is real competition. Mainly beware of other players who will necessarily shoot at you. But if you feel your strength, then move and get a position convenient for shooting.
Use acceleration to escape or chase. Watch for a health reserve and do not engage in battle if you are injured. Life forces will return especially quickly during the hunt. is executed in excellent style which is typical for popular for today entertainment.