Fly or Die io

Fly or Die io is an online game on the theme of evolution flying creatures. Follow the rules to evolve by steps of the food chain. Eat other to become the strongest one. Look for prey and fly away when dangerous predators approaching.
Characters with red highlighting can eat you, and you can eat animals that are marked with green highlighting. Characters without markings are indifferent, so you do not pose a danger to each other.

Fly or Die io

Fly or Die io game

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How to play

Hunting rivals is not the only way. To grow and evolve in Fly or Die io game you can eat different products depending on who you are at this stage. The list of what you can eat is always visible to you on the screen. This menu is made up logically and corresponds to the natural laws of nutrition. For example, a fly eats all kinds of muck, a butterfly can profit by pollen, a mosquito's diet is blood of a dog or a pig. Watch your menu and look for specified items.


Left-click or W to move up.
Use mouse or AD to move left and right.