Hury io

About game

Hury io game is a 3D bird battle in the arena. The game is a completely new idea of online confrontation with the original gameplay. Collect eggs to create your army of chickens. Attack rivals by rushing your warriors in the attack. Try to kill the main bird to take all the eggs at once.

Hury io

Hury io game

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How to play

There are three different modes in the Hury io game. Review the main features of each of the options.
1. Collect the highest number of points to head the rating and get the crown in the IO mode. To do this, collect as many eggs as possible. Gather the largest army of chickens and dominate the arena as much as you can. The larger your army, the more soldiers rush to the attack at your command.
2. In order to win the battle in Battle Royale mode, you need to stay on the arena for the longest time, while the size of your army does not really matter. The main goal is to attack opponents and knock them out of the game. At the same time, you yourself need not to become prey and not be behind the red line of a narrowing battlefield.
3. In a team game, attack everyone who is different in color from you. The rating of each of the participating teams is visible at the top of the screen. Victory is awarded according to the Battle Royale rule, that is, the team remaining in the game wins.


Hold the left mouse button to start moving. Use pointer to move.
Right mouse button - attack.
Space bar - run.