Kart Fight io

Kart Fight io game is a fun battle of cartoon cars in the popular ram and dodge style. To win in the KartFight.io game you need to stay on the playground and push opponents out of the arena. In addition, complete tasks to get extra rewards, unlock a variety of cool cars and open new tracks. You may not be very active in the battle, but you definitely have to push the last competitor to win.

Kart Fight io

Kart Fight io game

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How to play

From the first seconds of Kart Fight io battle, rush into this fun confrontation to earn more prize money. This is a very exciting battle for the right to remain last on the battlefield and become the only winner.
Keep in mind that the more rivals you kick out, the larger and stronger your Kart become. Therefore, fighting is becoming easier and easier, and the chance of victory is becoming greater.
To strike as hard as possible, try to attack opponents from behind. In a head-on collision, the advantage is on the side of the larger player. There are also small tricks - you can increase the starting size of your go-kart and double your rewards. Have fun!
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For control, only the pointer is used. There are no additional features or skills. All you need is to be attentive to the movements of competitors in order to take a favorable position.