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About game is a high-speed first-person shooting game. In updated version, the game Kill Streak tv is divided into rounds of 4 minutes each. During this time, you need to score the maximum number of rating points. For each kill an opponent you will rise in the ranking. All game statistics are visible on right side of screen. Who tops this list is cool.

How to play

The game is a deathmatch in which the rating only increases. For each frag you will receive a reward. If you are killed then you don't lose points so you don't lose rating. The only punishment is the loss of playing time.
Pay special attention to the stock of bullets and cartridges. It is necessary to use reloading in time and change weapons if it's completely empty.


AWSD buttons plus mouse to move.
Shift to run.
LMB for shooting or alternative reload.
R - reload.
Pick up or drop weapon - RMB or E.

Alternative names :, Kill Streak io