Kirka io

About game

Kirka io is one of the most popular first-person shooting game with a huge amount of online players. The main features of the game are pixel-style graphics, high performance, and the ability to play just in your browser without downloading. In this shooting game you can fight solo or in a team. Also, you can try a new interesting parkour mode.

Kirka io

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How to play

Before starting the Kirka io battle you can select the mode you are interested in and specify your preferred set of maps. You can also create your own room to invite guys for a crazy fun fight. It should also be noted that the control system is variable. That is, you can easily customize the control buttons. By default, everything is standard and well known to most fans of shooting games.


Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Crouch - Shift
Run - E
Shoot - Left-click
Scope - Right-click
Reload - R