Krunker io

The game Krunker io is great first-person shooting game that goes right in your browser. Gameplay in is classic deathmatch. Enjoy high perfomance online shooter. Usualy you have 4 minutes to score points. It's possible to change time and other settings in custom games. Join clans, create your own rooms and more to have fun with friends.

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Krunker io

Krunker io game

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How to play

From the very beginning of the game you have a weapon with full ammunition. If you use up the entire supply, you have to replenish cartridges. To do this, look for gray boxes that can be anywhere on the map. Come close to the box and press R.
Good luck in battle! The main thing in the game Krunker io is not to meet with bots. Bots here are very hard and leave little chance for real players. Especially if your skills are not very high.


WASD to move
Enter to chat
Shoot and aim with the mouse
R for recharge
Shift for strafe
Space to jump

Alternative names :, Kranker io