Mini Giants io

Mini Giants io game is an exciting battle of minigiants in a close arena. There are two main goals in the game
1. Grow to gigantic sizes in each game and destroy a huge number of rivals in one game.
2. Complete the set of legendary uniforms and upgrade all items to the maximum level.

Mini Giants io

Mini Giants io game

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About game

After some time, you will open different types of characters. Each character has its own individual fighting qualities. There is no clear favorite among the giants of different types. Your strength depends on the quality of armor, weapons and jewelry. It's not just to do this, because for improvements you need coins that are hidden in chests. Get chests of different levels can only be on the battlefield.

How to play

In the game Mini Giants io you have to grow your character each time you start new game. Pick up stones to grow and chests of values. Your character grows in size and becomes stronger with each level, but it becomes slower. It’s very difficult for a baby to survive on the battlefield among huge giants. Fighting with big guys is useless, you just need to run away using the speed advantage. Maneuverability will allow you to steal chests. When you become a huge giant, you will also be able to terrify mini giants around.


Use pointer to move
LMB - fight
RMB - speed up