About game is a good novelty among survival shooter games. Mobg io is high quality fight io game where space is narrowed and you are forced to fight for your life. At the end of the round, only one is left and wins.

How to play

Immediately after the start, try to collect weapons and ammunition so that you can fight. Watch out for the red zone that is approaching all the time. Accumulate boosters and use it at the right time. In general, everything is clear, the main task is not to perish. Hold on in the battle for as long as possible. Acquired game skills will help you. Try your strength and learn the tricks of game. I hope that very soon you will be the only one who survives at the end of the round.


Be attentive from the first seconds. Use trees and structures to disguise themselves. But, as it is already clear, strategy to sit in one place does not work. The game makes the players move and gradually pushes everyone into the pile. Movement behind the cursor. Shoot - left click or spacebar. Acceleration right click or W. Change weapons - mouse wheel or Q.