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About game a modern browser-based multiplayer game with colorful graphics and interesting gameplay. In Mob smash io game you are the leader of the mob unit. Your task is to walk around and increase the number of your team. To do this, you need to defeat different animals or fight and conquer online competitors.

How to play

You need to attack those mobs you can defeat. After every successful fight, the number of your soldiers increases. You can see the number of your troops in the left corner of the screen. It's next to the badge in the form of a helmet. Here are the cups indicating the experience earned during the current campaign. At the end of the game, this experience accumulates. In the future, earned points can be spent on the acquisition of new more powerful game characters.

Each type of mob has its own skills. For example, the weakest species can increase the speed of movement, which would run away in case of danger. The degree of readiness of the skill to use is shown on the screen to the right. A lot of experience you get when you win a battle with a real online opponent. The game Mobsmash io makes high demands on your gaming device so you need to wait a little while the game loads.