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About game

MudField io is a crazy field battle in one of two teams. Choose side and type of soldier. Join the team and go to mad battle for excellence on the map. After death, you can easily be reborn and change your profession. Replenish your ammunition from wearpon boxes in the center of the controlled base. Come to the doctors to heal.

MudField io

How to play MudField io

In this game you can drive a car and even a tank. The car will help you quickly get to the desired point on the map. A tank can fire a cannon or machine gun. As befits a tank, it has high firepower, but low mobility.

The first download may take some time. Choose a non-high quality if you are unable to start game at high demands. Wait for first download, it's worth it.
All professions are important on the battlefield. Infantry is needed for an assault, a sniper for ranged combat, a grenade launcher will easily destroy an enemy tank, and a medic will restore health. The advantage will be a Well-equipped and balanced team will have advantage.