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About game

Occup4Fun io game is new Occup io for more fun entertainment than before. In Occup 4 Fun you need to make decisions very quickly and build your strategy in advance. Your strategy should be more based on staying in the game. To do this, you must always have a spare turn. Therefore, always leave free cells inside your territory. It is also important to protect your reserve with a double or even better triple protective wall. Single-layer protection can be easily destroyed with additional skill.


The game has only one additional skill - the ability to take away some squares of a neighbor. You can occupy player's regions when using the skill. The higher your rating, the more such moves are at your disposal. If you accumulate 4 - 5 such conquer points, then you can organise good attack. Watch stock of it in upper left corner.


Click to occupy a square.
Direction buttons - move screen to view your possessions.