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About game

An approximate survival scheme on a raft in the game Raaaaft io for a beginner will help understand the gameplay scheme, and then everything by analogy. Missing items can be picked up in the ocean.

Raaaaft io

How to play Raaaaft io

1. Water extraction in Raaaaft.io
To get fresh water you need a bottle and a filter. Accordingly, crafting a bottle is one stone. Then create a filter - 6 stones. Place the filter on the raft and place the bottle in it. That's all the source of water you have.
2.First meal in the open sea.
What can you eat in the sea? Of course it's fish. Where can I get fish in the Raft io? And you need to catch fish. For fishing, you need a fishing rod. Take the fishing rod.

Take the leaves. If there is not enough we pick up it in the ocean. From the leaves we make a rope. And the rope is used to create a fishing rod. Now you can fish, but it would not be bad to fry it. For cooking, we create a grill and set it on a raft. All according to the standard scheme. If you understand the principle of survival on a raft in Raft io, then master all the rest. Then everything is easy in Raaaaft.io, but VERY VERY interesting. Сreate chests, weapons, fortifications... Do not forget to make bandages - very important for treatment.