Robofight io

Robofight io is new FPS game in classic style. The game offers to try your hand at team deathmatch or in FFA mode. Gameplay is quite simple and very fast. There is no time for thinking a lot. All that is needed for fun is to find and destroy enemy as quickly as possible. Unlock new weapons and cool skins for earned prize money. Create an account to be able to create rooms, invite friends or join team.

Robofight io

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How to play

Robofight io game includes a huge number of options and various settings. Such a set is an outstanding achievement for a browser-based online shooter, which undoubtedly deserves respect.
The main feature of Robot Fight io game is high speed of moving including portals for quick change of location. Game focuses on skillful moving and high shooting skill. Good map knowledge will be a big bonus in battle. In its dynamics, game looks like Quake but with new maps and a new set of weapons.


Fully functional control with additional elements let you enjoy this furious battle.
WASD - move
QE- peek
Shift - Slide
Spacebar - Jump
R - reload
Left click - shoot
Right Click - Aim