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About game

Room24 io game is fun battle between humans and cockroaches. The game looks extrimely unusuall and not tipical for most io games.

How to play

If you chose the side of the cockroaches, then you have to run around in search of food in a highly competitive environment. Direction of movement, point with your mouse and eat everything that is edible. The food is necessary as well as to your relatives, cockroaches, and for people. In addition, a person will try to kill you with an insecticide. But the cockroach is not so fatly helpless. There is an opportunity to escape or attack a dangerous person. To attack a person you need to climb on his face. But you need to do this quickly until he does not poison you.

If you play for people in Room24 you need to destroy cockroaches using a spray. To use a deadly aerosol, you need to press the LMB and etch the cockroaches. But be careful because a quick cockroach can also ruin you. For what army you will fight to decide for you. And better try both options of fight io game because this is an endless battle.

Room24 io