Shell Shockers io

Shell Shockers io is most fun online multiplayer battle and one of the coolest first-person shooting game. The game is very high quality as a browser shooter. Colorful warrior eggs will give you a great mood even if you lose.
Choose a weapon, skin, type of fight and go to battle in a cool multi-level arena. Pay attention to the characteristics of different characters and choose what you like best. Much depends on type of fight, map and your style of fighting. Here everything is individual.

Shell Shockers io

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How to play

Competition in Shell Shockers io game is based on Deathmatch rules. You can choose classic option where everyone fights for himself trying to lead rating or you can fight in team and do everything to lead your teammates.
There is another great way to have fun with your friends. For this, you can create a private room with your favorite map and set your own rules.
You can change type of warrior to find optimal combat characteristics that you need in each battle.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
Space - jump
Shift - aim
R - reload
Q- grenade
Attention! These are default settings that you can change, including with mouse sensitivity and sound settings. Enjoy!