ShotWars io

ShotWars io game is original online 2D shooter that offers us sequential alternation of several game modes. After the end of each battle, the players decide in which mode they will fight next time. Your can choice solo desmatch - FFA, team desmatch - TDM or flag control - CTF.
A really fresh idea of this game will delight you with its originality. You never know in what mode you will fight next time. Because the type of game is determined by voting.

ShotWars io
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How to play

Another feature of the game ShotWars io is that you can change character type during the battle. Please note that the list of characters is very diverse. There are soldiers with automatic weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers and grenade launchers. You can also try your hand with a crossbow or even boxing gloves. Each character has its own individual characteristics. Therefore, your success depends on proper use.
Choose a server and invite your friends if you want. Select a character and go on the battlefield. Each round lasts 7 minutes. During this time you need to score as many points as possible. You get points for destroying opponents and from box that periodically appears in the middle of battlefield. Also, as a reward for each frag in DM and flag in CTF, you will get the opportunity to choose a booster.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
Space - jump
Q E F - activate booster