About game

The fastest new IO snake (Snixio) for real professionals. At high speed you need to grow your snake and confuse all the rivals. Control the snake in Snix io by pressing the AWSD keys or the arrows. The goal is to grow a huge worm. To do this, you need to collect food in the form of diamonds and not crash into the opponent's body. In the event of a collision, you become a food for the enemy. When you reach a large size you can confuse the opponent and force him to crash into your snake.

How to play

It is trick that will help to quickly grow your pet. To do this, you can hide at the beginning of the game and do not start moving until a major rival moves in your direction. Having been put on the ram of a big snake, you can eat everything that remains of it. This way you will quickly gain weight and length. In the game, your goal is to surround the enemy and force him to crash into your snake and at the same time not collide with another player. Every fan of the snake game should try their hand at and that would test your skills and dexterity. Have fun, you will not be able to relax here!