Snow Heroes io

Snow Heroes io game is a fun battle of snowballs with elements of evolution. To destroy opponents in the game, you can ram or trample them.
Increase your snowball by rolling it through the snow and collecting colored Christmas balls. Since this is a multiplayer IO game, it is logical that you get the biggest mass gain for defeating other players.

Snow Heroes io

Snow Heroes io game

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How to play

From the very beginning of the Snow Heroes io battle, the first priority is to gain weight, so stay away from big snowballs. Just move around the snowy field and accumulate snow mass. Run away from annoying opponents using acceleration. Especially beware of jumping characters who can attack you very unexpectedly.
Strike to smash balls that smaller than you or jump to destroy anyone. But keep in mind that if you miss when jumping, you’ll simply lose some of the mass.
Earn and accumulate coins to unlock new cool skins. Have great winter fun!
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Move mouse to control your Snow Hero
Press left mouse button to run
Press right mouse button to jump