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Snow fight io very funny to play. Playing snowballs online is almost as fun as in reality. Excellent soundtrack and beautiful graphics will give you a lot of positive and help you cheer up. Starting the game, name your baby, otherwise you will have the name "guest number ...". Choose the color of clothes and you can start. There will be a lot of kids on the playground, each of which at any second can throw you snowballs and you will turn into a snowman. Your job is to do the same. After you pelted the opponent with snow and he turned into a snowman, you need to run a few more snowballs into him and collect the toys and sweets that fall out of him.

Snowfight io

How to play

In the game Snow fight io you can throw snowballs (LMB), build defensive reinforcements from snow (hold LMB) and much more. Find and pick up items that will help you in the battle. Continually move around and choose positions to attack. In the game of Snowball, you gradually raise the level of your character and thus make it stronger. Management in Snow fight io. Use the AWSD buttons to move around the playground. Use your mouse to select a target. Throw snow and build a fortification (click mouse). Have a good time at