Sword.io game is very cool and original application of Battle Royale mode in classic io game. The original feature of Sword io battle is that you need to deftly switch from attack to deffence mode.
Collect swords and boosters to fight with rivals in shrinking arena. Beware of black holes and barriers painted in yellow and black stripes.
Earn money and rating stars, get trophy achievements for additional cash rewards. Use money to upgrade skills and become stronger. At your choice, you can improve any of 4 skills - speed, making money, attack, defense.


Sword.io game

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How to play

During the collision of rivals in the game Sword.io, everyone loses a certain part of the swords from his protective ring. In protection mode, weapon shield becomes stronger. Move around and collect swords scattered on playing field. The more weapons you collect, the more powerful your protective ring becomes.
Sword.io Battle Royal game is not a shooter. This game is more like Agario , where you need to build up weight and defeat smaller opponents.


Hold left mouse button to move and attack.
Unhold LMB to stop for defense.
Use cursor to indicate direction of movement.