Swordz io

About game

Swordz io game is a grand battle on swords of all types and sizes. With each new level in Swords.io game your weapon will become more and more formidable. Appearance of your character will change and of course sword strength will grow. Having a cool sword you can easily destroy big prey to get a lot of food. With long weapon you can also attack opponents from a greater distance. This will give you a clear advantage in battle.

Swordz io

Swordz io game

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How to play

Swordz io is a product from the developer Fightz io game. So, these games are very similar in many ways. In practice, these are clones with minor differences. You should focus on small prey and avoid encounters with strong players from the very beginning. Eat to gain experience and increase your level. Progress of experience accumulation is always visible to you. After death, you can be reborn with part of your experience.


This game is quite simple and does not require much effort from you to master gameplay. All a newbie needs to do is respect the power of high level characters.
Character moves behind mouse cursor.
Left click to attack.
Right click to speed up.

Alternative names : Swords io