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About game

The Mafia .club is an online io game in which you have to go through games life as a mafioso. Easy money but high danger for life awaits you in game. For money and combat achievements you will receive experience that is needed to get high game level. Your combat performance will improve as your level increases. You will receive a new title, new cool appearance and more powerful weapons.
Money is also needed to build temporary shelter from boxes. The cost of each box 50. Set some to build your impregnable fortification in which you can hide from danger.

The Mafia .club

How to play

Essence of TheMafia io game is to improve gangster skills and, of course, get rich. To do this, you need to collect different amounts of money scattered around. But the main wealth is stored in banks. For quick enrichment you need to rob banks. Near bank entrance there is a green bar which indicates amount of money in vault. Shoot it to get money.


AWSD or arrows - move.
Left click - Shoot.
E - set protective box.
Spacebar - get in car.

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