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About game

Unun io game is exciting multiplayer online quest in helix jump io style to play in browser. Your descent in the game Unun.io you start somewhere far, far away in space. With each completed level your task becomes more and more interesting and complicated and stages of saving game result become longer.


How to play

The lower you are the more deadly traps and no easy ways at all. But with each new attempt, your skills improve, and you get closer and closer to finish line. Huge desire to find out what is at the bottom of pillar causes you not to give up and keep on going towards your goal.

Each next level becomes longer than previous one. But getting to green level is really important. Because after an unsuccessful fall on sharp thorns, you can comeback to continue from the moment you save. Number of floors to saving point is shown on screen.


Move cursor left and right to rotate column. Click left mouse button to customise control options and choose best mode for you.

Alternative names : Unun io, helix jump io