Woopy io

About game

Woopy io is a new online game from the popular series of Fight io games. The main difference of the game Whoopi.io is that there are four types of characters with their own unique skills. You can choose from Fire Magician, Water Wizard, Elf Archer, and Knight. None of the characters have a distinct advantage over the others. It all depends on your style of fighting or individual preferences. Equally interesting to play any of the characters.

Woopy io

Woopy io game

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How to play

Each character in Woopy io battle has two unique skills that are activated only in turn. General trend is such that one of the skills is more long-range, and the second is more powerful but relevant in close combat. There is no other tricks in the game.
Health is restored automatically after damage received. Regeneration process is quite fast. Just move to a safe distance for a few seconds for healing. After that, you can safely rush back into battle and have fun in full.


The game is brilliant in its simplicity like the other games in this series (Fightz io , Swordz io ).
All you need for fun is:
AWSD to move
Left click of the mouse - the first skill
Right mouse click is the second skill.