Wormax 2 io

Wormax 2 io game is nicely updated version of popular snake game. Enjoy wonderful visual effects and new interesting gameplay components in the game Wormax2.io where your snake has three lives. After each death, the appearance of your character changes - snake becomes wounded and takes on a worn look.
Also at your disposal there are three skills that will help you cheat in battle with enemies. The first skill is usual acceleration, but without loss of mass. The second is new skill that allows you to stop. The third option is most cunning ability to become invulnerable for some time.

Wormax 2 io

Wormax 2 io game

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How to play

Main goal in Wormax 2 io game remained unchanged - you need to grow the biggest worm. But to achieve this goal, new strategy options have emerged thanks to new gameplay features. Pay attention to boosters that can be found on playing field. These bonus enhancements also give you temporary advantages.
Eat beautiful food to build up weight and recharge special skills. Fight rivals by standing across in their path.


Use cursor to move
Mouse click to speed up with weight loss
Q, W, E to use additional skills