Gallons io game

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About game

In the game you have to make money for development by pumping water. Gallons io is online RTS game where you have to improve equipment and fight for resources. Your main task is to properly distribute their forces for character development. Choose between the available enhancements. Be sure to invest in means of defense against enemies.

How to play

Pump water to become rich and strong in the game For beginning, you can earn a little with bucket. But it's not really good idea. Best way to start is to install your first pumping station in right place on map. The more large ponds near the better. Connect it to the sources using pipes. Rotate the pipe parts to set in right position. When you get a little rich you'll be able to buy high-quality equipment to start earn more. Install heaters and water filters. Replace pipes with larger ones.
Be sure to invest in smart way. Build walls, upgrade weapons and armor, stock up with first-aid kits. Look for new sources as water is not infinite. Good luck!