Noob io

About game

Online shooter Noob io: - an excellent fight io multiplayer game. The goal in the game is typical for a shooter. You need to collect as many frags as possible. For this you need to move very quickly and clearly. At this time you need to aim and shoot accurately.

Noob io

How to play

It seems that there is not anything new in the game, but there is a main advantage of IO games. It's an easy game and having a good good online. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the Noob io game and have fun at any time. For real professionals in the shooter category is the ability to apply their skills and play fight io game online. Real opponents are always waiting for you in Noob io battle.


For the movement use AWSD and space for jumping. Click to shoot and the right mouse button to aim. Always keep an eye on the number of bullets and take into account recharging. Use a change of weapon. Very important is the knowledge of the map and the ability to see around.