Raids io game

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About game is new cool online game in Battle Royale style. The main feature of raiders io battle is ability to fight riding a dinosaur. Your goal in Raids io is common to all Battle Royale games - be the last man standing. To get awesome pet you must find egg and put it in inventory. After some time, you will have opportunity to ride your combat dino. Riders have a distinct advantage in strength and endurance. Stryder can easily destroy homes that will help you get loot and kill enemies.

How to play

A huge variety of options in game will require some effort from you to learn how to properly use all available functions. Game looks quite interesting and exciting. So, you will not be boring after several rounds. Look for secret keys, extra armor, binoculars to expand view and more. Break furniture in search of valuables, open warehouses with ammunition and of course grow dino in order to remain the last on a narrowing battlefield.

Alternative names : Raids io, Raiders io