Crowd City 2 io game

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About game

Crowdcity.io2 is cool online version of popular game for playing in a browser on all devices. Still same fun challenge in the game Crowd City is to create biggest crowd on city streets in 2 minutes.


How to play

Walk around street and get with you the usual gray passers-by. Like we already used to, the competition in Crowdcity.io2 lasts only 2 minutes. During this time, you should create the largest crowd in the city. Join your team free units one by one to grow. But this is not enough to win. To significantly increase the size of your gang you will have to fight. Fight with those whose team is smaller. Your key to success is to take away members of other team or to completely destroy an opponent.


Use mouse or touchscreen to indicate direction of movement.

Alternative names : Crowd City 2, Crowdcity io