is 3D online game with very addictive gameplay and spectacular tricks. To win in this basketball io game you have to cleverly move, assist, block and attack opponents on every piece of playing field.
True joy of winner and dramatic disappointment of loser will help you plunge into the atmosphere of magic game. game

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How to play

Grab the ball and try to run to the opponent’s basket in any way.
Avoid the slightest contact with opponents to save ball.
Assist your teammates by blocking enemy attacks.
Attack to get the ball.
There is very little time, so every second and every ball earned is worth its weight in gold. In overtime, as expected, the team that throws the ball into the basket wins.
To reach final battle you need to win all preliminary games. But anyway you'll get stars for all your achievements in game. The more stars you collect the higher league you play. Be ready to face really strong opponent at the highest levels of tournament. Hone your skills to get to the top of ranking and enjoy every moment on playing field. Enjoy exciting jumps performed by cool basketball players.


Player moves by cursor.
No further action is required. The main task is positional struggle and smart relocation.