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About game

Multiplayer browser game is ideal to fight with your opponents at any time without any problems. In a few minutes of the game you will understand everything and you will gain enough experience to compete honestly with rivals. Rivals are real players from all over the world. Choose a suitable zone for your level and get food hunting from a battle bow for prey that you can kill. The more you gather food from prey, the higher your level and the stronger your weapon. When you become stronger, start competing with other players by shooting at them as a prey. For browser games, you do not need anything to download or install. Simply open the browser and find an interesting game.

How to play

Control in move your mouse and shoot with the left button. You can also speed up with the right button. It is not difficult at all and can be mastered in a few seconds. Just enjoy the fight io game and try to get to the top of the rating or just have fun and relax. -

All the action in takes place online in real time. And you are opposed by real rivals. All of them are the same players as you, but they can be from any places of the planet where there is access to the Internet. But it is this simplicity that is the main trump of all io games, which makes them very interesting. A good game for everyone on the pages of Fight io game.