Brutal Mania io

About game

Brutal Mania io is an excellent fighting game for survival in the arena. In the game you can upgrade the level of armor and weapons. Moreover, the achieved results will be saved. Therefore, you do not need to start every time from the beginning. Some decrease in the level of the character will happen, if you take a break for several days. For permanent players, all the achievements will be constant.

Brutal Mania io

Brutal Mania io game

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How to play

In the game you can choose the degree of brutality at your discretion. Funny special effects make the game bright and memorable. Musical accompaniment and voice notes create a unique battle situation in Brutal Mania io game.
Earn experience and coins.
Improve weapons and armor to become stronger.
The game needs agility and caution.
Even a noob can destroy a high-level player.
Watch for a stock of vitality.
In the game you can increase the amount of health and restore the reserve of lost in battle forces.


Movement behind the cursor.
Left click to strike.
Right click to speed up.