Side Arms io

Side Arms io game is a multiplayer 3D shooter for playing in a browser. The highest dynamics, an advanced upgrade system, and two game modes are waiting for you in the exciting online game Also, you can join a random battle or create your own room with limited access.
Earn points to buy powerful weapons to your jet friend. Find cool gear items to make your look more unique. By the way, from the very beginning, you can create a completely original look thanks to countless settings.

Side Arms io

Side Arms io game

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How to play

The first feature of Side Arms io game is that everything happens in the arena with low gravity. Thanks to this, you can perform cool tricks and destroy opponents in a very spectacular way. The second feature is that you control both the main character and your faithful assistant. The main character is armed with a sword for close combat, and the assistant robot fights using firearms.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
RMB - aim
F - attack with a sword
E - switch weapons
Shift - rocket shoes acceleration
Spacebar - jump
R - reload
~ - drop.